NCU Cribs ft. Kaylyn LeRoy

This week is part two of our series: NCU Cribs! With photos taken by the incredible Tanner Dean, we get to know a little more about Sophomore, Kaylyn LeRoy and her living space. Kaylyn lives in the Hilyard singles and she is our highlight for this week!

How is your living space a reflection of who you are?

“It is a collection of things I enjoy, while also being comfortable. I have things like the lights and candles to make the place seem relaxing and less stress filled place.”

What are three things in your room that represents you?

1. “Keurig, because I can’t survive without coffee.”

2. “My postcards which are of all the places I went when I studied abroad. They have a lot of memories.”

3. “Everybody Always by Bob Goff is a book I go to when I need to know more about God, but also need some personal reflection.”

If Hilyard was burning down, what’s one thing that has sentimental value that you’d bring?

“Laptop, because my mom bought it for me after I graduated high school. It was one of the nicest gifts I’ve gotten.”

If someone was to visit your place, how would you want your living space to make them feel?

“Comfortable, like they come and feel at home. No awkwardness or wondering if you should sit or not.”

Was your overall goal to have an aesthetic value or function value to your space?

“Definitely functional, I am a college student and I need to be able to survive.”

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