Student Highlight: Esports Athletes!

NCU’s Esports team is in season and they have already had 11 competitions! We wanted to highlight some of the athletes on the team and show you ways to support and cheer them on. We asked the team a few questions to get to know them better.

First, get to know freshman, Daniel Gerlach!

“I was born in Chattanooga, Tennessee, but I’ve lived here in Eugene, Oregon for the past six years.

My favorite video game to play is definitely Overwatch; I’ve never found a gamer more challenging. The main catalyst for me to join the team was watching my hall mates Tyler Chase and Jacob Gates play; I’d come watch, and I was really in awe of the game and their skill. I’ve always wanted to be a part of a competitive team like this my whole life, and when I was offered the chance to train and become a part of Esports, I jumped at it.

The most exciting part is the novelty, the freshness about it; it’s a new program here at NCU, and we get to join a much larger adventure greater than ourselves, playing people all over the country in an instant. Not only this but our team really has something incredible and pretty fierce to bring to the plate. No one ever stops learning; that’s almost like a rule in Overwatch no matter your SR. Despite this, our team is doing pretty legendary, and I’m really proud of our team. I think we’re going to make semi-finals at least in our first year!”

Next, get to know Alex Daraban. Alex is in the grad program at NCU!

“Hi, my name is Alex Daraban. I am 20 years old and am a Grad Student here at NCU competing on the Esports team. I am from Beaverton, Oregon. My favorite video game to play is Overwatch, but I also play a lot of Rocket League. I have been playing Overwatch competitively for about a year now. {My goal of } Being in the top 1% of players in the world created my desire to play competitively and lock my spot in on top-level teams.

Because I am pursuing my MBA, I have the opportunity to come here to play Overwatch! The thing that I am most excited for playing with NCU’s first Esports team is shocking the League while being newcomers. Everyone likes a good underdog story!”

Lastly, introducing Josh Sims!

“Hi, My name is Josh and I’m from Eugene! My favorite video game is League of Legends.

I’ve played on a competitive league team for a year and half before I started playing Overwatch competitively at NCU. I started playing competitively with friends mostly just seeing how good we were against higher levels of competition. I came to NCU for a lot of reasons. My dad and my sister both went here, and I’ve always had positive memories of this school. It’s a wonderful school with a great community that I was excited to join. I’m excited about playing Overwatch with my best friend Jacob Gates. He’d been trying to get me to play with him for a while and finally convinced me to join Esports at NCU!”

The Esports team has a game this Friday at 7pm! You can watch them play in the Media Room which is outside the Caf and right across the hallway from their Arena!

You can also watch them here:

Thanks for reading and go Esports!





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