Student Highlight: Poetry by Ariana Henton pt.1

The following is a brief explanation and collection of poems by Ariana Henton:

I’m Ariana, and I’m currently in my third year here at NCU. I am majoring in Christian Worship with a minor in Creative Writing. For as long as I can remember, I have loved to read. As early as second and third grade, my love for reading grew into a love of story writing. Then, as I came into adolescence, I grew out of fantastical story writing and turned to poetry instead. I have yet to grow out of my poetry phase, and I don’t know that I ever will. While I enjoy writing of nearly every kind, I find poetry to come most naturally to me. It is my diary, my journal, the way that I process emotions, and the way that I unpack my theories and ideas. I use poetry as markers of where I have been and where I am going. The poems I have chosen to share with you are in chronological order; the second dating back to two years ago and the last being the most recent of my writings. Pay attention to the dates — time moves in circles and in seasons more than we know. My hope is that in these words, you might recognize a bit of yourself and your own journey and be encouraged. I urge you to find your own markers in life, to remember where you have been and where you are going.



I’ve begun to look at time

as loops unending,



and this helps

when it comes to

the burden of time.

pay attention to the dates

without giving them too much weight.

Jan 26, 2017

Note to self:

Do not make the words

that you write down become

something they are not — gods.

Write what you must write

in order to uncover yourself

and to wash off the paint.

But do not let the creation become

your master, in the process of

allowing it to uncover you; realize that

you still exist independently

of the words.

Jan 7, 2018

Part 1

Emotions are rolled together

living layered on top of each other,

sorrow on resounding joy on

sweetness and on shame.

I don’t know a good day

like I don’t know how

to live balanced, with my

visions and my loves like balloons

tied to my wrists and my

dragons and my demons like

dumbbells hanging from my ankles.

Or maybe that is balance

and I just don’t know it because

who would expect balance to feel

like tearing apart at the seams,

reeling ever back from the brink,

losing pieces of sanity while trying

to hold in one hand my sadness

and in the other my dreams.

Because who would expect that

the two could live in the same house

let alone the same body yet

here they are, and as I bring

my two hands closer I expect them

to repel – opposite sides of the magnet –

until I realize that Mr. Lambie from

high school physics would be disappointed.

He would remind me

that the opposite sides

they are meant to live together.

So when I bring my two hands together

and watch the ups and the downs collide,

it makes sense that my emotions

are rolled up together, living

layered on top of each other:

sorrow on resounding joy on

sweetness and on shame.

Part 2

I am writing

only because I need to

and not at all because I want to.

I imagine that

it is similar to giving birth,

and all the while it is growing inside you,

you are thinking

I hate this child, I hate it,

this unwelcome passenger.

Yet when the

child is finally birthed

you look it, in its brand-new raw face

and you realize

it is actually sort of beautiful

because it came from you — and only you.


Thank you for being vulnerable and sharing your poetry with us Ariana!

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