Alumna Highlight: Madi Novelli


This week we are highlighting an Alumna 18′, Madi Novelli!

Madi graduated and entered right into her job at the Trail Blazers in May 2018. Soon after Madi joined the Trail Blazer team, where she is a game operations staff member, she also started a job at the Adidas employee store as a sales associate. I had the chance to visit her last semester and get some fresh new kicks at the Adidas employee store. When I saw her, she seemed so content with her new work life that I thought it would be appropriate to share her story as many seniors are preparing to graduate this May.

  1. How did you get your jobs at the Trail Blazers and Adidas?

In March, I actually got on the Job site called Indeed, uploaded my resume and started applying for all these jobs that I had already qualified for. I got called in the middle of class for a phone interview with the Blazers; a week later the interviewing process began and lasted for about a month. For Adidas employee store, I just applied online and kept updating my app and finally got a call.

  1. What is your favorite part about these jobs? 

My favorite part of both these jobs is getting to be around lots of people every day. Making them smile, having conversations with them, and making their experience at a Blazer game or buying some new Adidas gear awesome! The impact random strangers have had on me is amazing and I’m so happy to get to meet people every day.

     3How has the work life been treating you? Is it as hard as you thought it would be?

Work life is amazing. I love making money and having different types of responsibilities. It wasn’t too hard for me, I just had to get used to packing a lunch and planning out my days around both jobs now. Staying busy in the work life is way different than being busy in college, but I love it.

4. What have you learned from working, that you didn’t learn in the classroom?

I think the work life is the place that you get to after learning in the classroom. Meaning, everything you’re getting told by professors actually gets used in work. Everyone’s always watching, communication skills are different in the work place, being on time, hustling, being articulate with how you talk, and much more.

  5. How do you think NCU prepared you for the workforce?

NCU helped me find my calling and passion which is to be around people all the time. They helped me realized that a degree is good, but connections and relationships are so important and to always be myself. They helped me want to work hard and stay busy and make an impact anywhere I go. Shine the light, for sure.


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