ETC Day 2018

Wisdom. Faith. Service. This is what we as NCU students have agreed to represent. Service can be extended simply from one student to another, and from us to our community. ETC day has been a yearly event with our school since the 2008-09 academic year. As NCU’s 11th year of serving, it is a great way for our students to take a pause on their school work, grab a friend, and spend a few hours serving someone in the Eugene/Springfield community.

We asked Michael Fuller about the history of ETC Day and what it means to him as the VP of enrollment and student development,

“What I absolutely love about our University is how we truly live out our mission on a daily basis and events such as ETC Day allow us to do this. It is one thing to talk about being Christian Community and it is a whole other thing to ‘live it out’. As Beacons we are called to shine out from the darkness and to help those in need. I so appreciate our students, faculty and staff making time to serve the Eugene/Springfield community and be the hands and feet of Jesus.”

Being able to serve in this way helps us to make ties with people in the community who are making a difference. Even just the smallest act of kindness can be more helpful than we know. Taking just a few hours to go out of our way for someone else can put an unmovable smile on someone’s face. God created us to be in community, so we help build that community by serving in it.

Along with Michael Fuller, we asked freshman Amber Whitehead about her experience with ETC Day,

“ETC day was a day for me to give back to the community in ways that provide assistance to organizations that needed a little extra help. As a group we were able to get the tasks done in a short amount of time, which was awesome! From being out of state, I realize that this community does need the help. It was an eye opener for me because the community really does appreciate the help that we provided. It makes me want to give back more to this community because it is not expected like other areas I’ve volunteered previously.”

This year, the campus ministry team was able to buy our ETC Day shirts from a non-profit in Cambodia that works with girls who have been victims of human trafficking. Each year a missions team from NCU travels to Cambodia to work with Agape International Missions (AIM). AIM rescues girls from sex trafficking and empowers them through rehabilitation. In the rehabilitation process, they teach the girls how to make clothing as a part of their vocational training in textile manufacturing. This empowers the girls to make a living by working. Every one of the ETC Day shirts was made by a girl who was rescued from human trafficking. To make these shirts extra special, each one included the name of the girl who made it.

This year’s ETC Day, we represented more than just our belief that service is a critical part of our faith, we represented the bigger picture, the picture that service goes way beyond the Eugene/Springfield community and out to the world. It was so awesome this year to physically represent an organization that provides an incredible service to girls who were trafficked, while  we also served others. It was a peak into God’s global mission and a great reminder that He works everywhere.

Nate Graham, a six-year military veteran, weighed in on how he enjoyed participating in the Veterans Housing Project during ETC Day,

“Being able to get out there and actually help people is one of the things we are called to do as Christians. And so, just getting out there and getting down and dirty, and helping however we can is what we are for.”

Thank you NCU community for getting out there and serving. Let us know about your ETC day experience, we’d love to hear how you engaged the community this past week. Don’t stop here! Continue to take the time and serve, you never know how much you are blessing that person!

“and if you spend yourselves in behalf of the hungry and satisfy the needs of the oppressed, then your light will rise in the darkness, and your night will become like the noonday.” -Isaiah 58:10

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