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Hey everyone!

This week we wanted to give an introduction to the newest addition to our school, Beacon esports!

Esports are multiplayer video games played competitively for spectators by professional gamers. It has been recently introduced at the collegiate level where students can be granted scholarships to play competitively. NCU is unique with how it is one of the very few schools who offer scholarship to play esports. Its fan base is largely growing with its introduction at the collegiate level. Right now there are over 400,000 million people who consider themselves fans of esports. More and more people are playing at various levels with various types of games and consoles.

Right now, our Beacon esports team consists of seven players.

Their official Overwatch season does not start until the Spring, so it is still possible to tryout for the team is anyone is interested. Right now, the only game our esports team will be playing is Overwatch. Next year they hope to introduce League of Legends and possibly Fortnite.

Sarah Freeman, NCU’s Associate Athletic Director, expressed her excitement for esports to be at NCU,

“I’m really excited about beacon esports on campus because we have been able to bring in new students that we otherwise would not have had. Being able to provide an education allows them to pursue their passions in gaming and bring them legitimacy. Let them know that we care about what they are doing and we are excited to bring them into community and give them some structure.”

Junior Brad Keller, and League of Legends fan is also excited for esports to be on campus,

“I think esports opens up NCU to something that people haven’t engaged with before. I think it will be great for the school because we have now built a bridge to an unreached community.”

If you are not interested in joining the team, but would like to contribute in other ways; shoutcasting, streaming, team management, coaching, jersey design, and technical assistance are all ways for you to get involved! Email Sarah Freeman “” if you’re interested.

In addition, there will be a Smash Bro’s game night later this semester where students can play with esports athletes!


Thanks for reading and Sco Beacs!




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