Everyday Miracles Pt.1

Fear the Lord your God and serve him. Hold fast to him and take your oaths in his name. He is the one you praise; he is your God, who performed for you those great and awesome wonders you saw with your own eyes.

— Deuteronomy 10:20-21

There are occurrences in life that have been collectively deemed indescribable. Logic and reason can’t put a title on them, nor can personal experience. That is because these experiences are not spurred by human action. Rather, they are an act of divine interaction. A moment of our time occupied by a span of Gods time. Filled with purpose, and intent; his hands shape our reality and place little flashes of himself in our lives. Sometimes the signs are subtle, and sometimes it hits us right in the face.

I’d like to think that I experience miracles every day. That is not to say that life is smooth sailing for me, but rather to say that I choose to accept little occurrences as God intervening in my life. It can be a reprimanding or rejoicing, but sometimes it is just a little thing that I cannot explain from my simple comprehension. Sometimes hearing the ruffling and chirping from the family of birds in the big tree rooted in front of the Frat house can change the mood of my entire day. Sure, science can explain exactly why birds have this innate sense to nuzzle together and protect their flock, but science can’t necessarily explain to me why the chirping strikes a chord in my heart to nurture to my own flock. I’d say it’s quite miraculous the way that God uses our surroundings to reach us and change our perspective. He watches over us and strategically and places occurrences in our path to remind us to look up to him instead at the messy pile of life in front of us.

There is nothing like the cry of a new born baby to remind us about the innocence and need for nurturing that God imbedded in our being. He placed it there because it is something that only he can provide for us and he communicates that through things that we see and experience.

For Tomas Carradero, miracles are undeserved gifts from God that present themselves in the form of beautiful sights. Here is just one example of what he has experienced,

“One of the miracles that I have been blessed to experience in the past year is the birth of Mason Little. For those who do not know, Mason is the newborn son of Joshua and Jennifer Little. They alone have been a blessing in my life by being leaders on our campus. From the time I first got to know Jen on our Mexico missions trip in 2016, to the small group meetings Josh and Jen have in their apartment, they have been a blessing to me and my faith.

The journey of Little Mason gave everyone who knows Jen and Josh with joy and peace. Starting back in March of 2017, Jen told the team who she intended to go to a Mexico mission’s trip with that summer, which she could no longer go because she was going to have a baby boy. The news came with the sadness of her admitting she cannot go on a trip that is so dear to her heart, but it was overcome with excitement of a new birth. I will never forget that day, as the beginning of a miracle entered into the lives of everyone in that room.

Six months later the long awaited miracle of Little Mason entered our lives on October 27th. Getting to hold him a few days later was a moment I will never forget. The Little boy of two people who have inspired my faith, my international missions, and hobbies like photography, was finally here. There is something about holding a newborn that puts you at peace. Its Gods miracle you’re holding. It’s the beginning of new life and new blessings that you will get to see unfold over your lifetime. Getting to see God’s grace and blessing unfold onto this Little family will be a huge blessing to me.

I hope you continue to look for the everyday miracles that God has put in your life.



God holds children so dearly to His heart. Their awe and wonder embody what He created us to be. We were made to purposefully do things for his glory. We  should come to his feet with ready ears to hear all the wonders that he has in store. He will never be entirely understood nor can we wrap our minds around his  extraordinary nature. That’s what makes the way he interacts with us so beautiful. He uses child wonder to show us his gentleness and imaginative kingdom.

The belly-laugh of a child enamored with life and it’s joys is how God created life to be. The grasp of a newborn on your index finger is how we are to grasp on God. A child entering the world is how we are to go before God. Vulnerable and in need of his sovereign guidance. These are things we experience daily because God purposely embodies himself in his creation for our sake.

God Bless

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