The Goodness of Giving: A Dessert Auction Reflection

Two weeks ago, NCU put on a dessert auction to raise money for the five missions trips that NCU students and faculty will be taking part in this year. Every year, NCU is blessed by the giving hearts of those who come to the dessert auction. This year, we knew that there would be many more people coming, so we moved the event to the Morse Event Center (MEC).

My Mexican heritage, particularly my grandmother, handed down to me a heart to serve and the gift of hospitality. Because of this, I decided to help Jennifer Little, who was leading the event, to prepare and set up. There was so much to do, but it was all worth it because it all led to an incredible night.

This week I decided to ask a few people about the event. I asked veterans like Jen, Angela Cusano, and Gaby Herron, as well as first time attendees, like Jeremiah Leslie.

Jen mentioned that her favorite part was the ability to grow as a missions community, “We had twice as many people going on a trip this year which means that is 15% of our student body going on a trip. That’s a big deal!” She also gave a shout-out to the maintenance crew for being on board with moving the event to the MEC and helping set up.

Angela Cusano, a junior communications major, said her favorite part was seeing all the teams come together and serve our community before we go out and serve the world. The biggest challenge this year was moving the event to a much larger location.

Gaby Herron, a senior Christian worship major, said her favorite part was “the powerful stories because you can really see how these trips change people.” Gaby was selling her homemade candles and art, and was blessed to walk away with half of them sold. She was mostly excited about how this event is starting to become a staple at our university and that it will be going in the years to come.

Jeremiah Leslie is our new Marketing and Digital Communications Coordinator, and this was his first time attending the dessert auction. He said his favorite part was the cheesecake, and all the silent auction options that were available for bidding. He was also impressed with the turnout of people coming to help the NCU community.

As for me, I thought the night was incredible. From the tireless hours that Jen and the campus ministry team spent creating the layout of the event, to everyone lending a helping hand to make the vision a reality, to the people who came and donated, I am so thankful. I left fully funded for both of my trips. This was a huge weight God took off of my shoulders, and I am extremely blessed by those who donated. Seeing everyone share personal stories and watching everyone serve through the videos from last year’s trips got me so excited for these upcoming trips.

Have a blessed week,


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