Black Panther Reflection

From the kick butt African women guardians who led revolts and didn’t stand for an incompetent leader, to the hero that African American kids needed to look up to, to the representation of African characters, and the call in solidarity with brothers and sisters of this earth, Black Panther led the way for social reform.

If not many of you know me personally, I am a half white, half Mexican, Bay Arean who happens to be passionate about social injustice. Particularly racial injustices. So, when you put all those aspects of a person together, you get one heck of a weirdo that’s for sure. Anywho, treating my good friend Shivonne to Black Panther this past weekend was such a great experience. I enjoyed getting to see African cultures be so well represented on the big screen.

Unfortunately Eugene is mostly white so we ran into a complicated person that took away from the movie going experience. But hey, that is EXACTLY why movies like this need to exist. It was our time in the theater that made me realize how much Kingdom work there is to do when it’s comes down to the racial issues we have as a nation. We go around over-hearing people in Starbucks say “oh I don’t feel comfortable seeing that movie because I’m white” and you get people on social media posting fake pictures of someone beat up saying “this is what happened when I went to the Black Panther preview”

This is the world we live in. This is the work that needs to be done. In my opinion, these types of actions and these types of thoughts come from people being unwilling to go out and make friends who are different from them. I would go as far to say that people its selfish of you if you don’t have diverse relationships. Yes, it takes effort, but the reward from that effort includes broadening your thoughts and ideas. It lets you see how other people live and shows you life through a different lens.

It should be time for people to realize that there is nothing wrong with having diverse friends. I encourage you all to break social norms, show love to all your brothers and sisters, not just the ones that look like you. If you’re only looking through one lens, your missing a lot of scenery. I also encourage you to show love for this movie. If you cannot celebrate what this movie means to African American culture, I must recommend you to check your heart.

Also, listen to the Black Panther Soundtrack. Kendrick tells a great story.


See you next week !





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  1. Carolyn Moynihan-Bradt says:

    Thanks, Tomas, It is your “God-Gramma” your mother’s godmother congratulating you on your search for the change edges of our threatened divided world.

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