New Semester Resolutions

Hello everyone!

Welcome back to campus and Happy New Year!

I hope you winter break was full of rest and time with family!

I wanted to start off this semester with some “New Semester Resolutions,” since the new year begun and its a little late for New Years resolutions. First, I’ll start off with some resolutions that a we here on Beacon Bolt have started:

It has officially been a year since I quit soccer, so I am dedicating three days a week to working out. I have a pretty sweet schedule with all of my classes being on Tuesday and Thursday, which gives me time in the morning on MWF. Hopefully I can keep up with this and make sure I give myself enough rest to ensure I don’t burn myself out.

Zoe, our editor-in-chief, has taken on the Whole30 challenge! She started 11 days ago and is struggling so far. The cravings are starting to come in and she has a whole other 19 days to go! Feel free to ask her about how its going! Here is a website that can tell you a little more about it if you are interested:

Our staff writer, Alyssa, is going against the tide and has a resolution to not have a New Years resolution!


With that said, here are a few suggestions of New Semester Resolutions for you to try out this semester and hopefully for the rest of the year.


  1. Work out more! The UO Rec center is now open to NCU students for $150 a semester! They have awesome new equipment, a pool, and workout classes. Feel free to visit the office of student life for more information on signing up
  2. Whole 30: This is a 30 day challenge that removes dairy, sugar, and gluten from your diet. It is to help you increase energy levels and improve your health and fitness. Some people might consider doing this if they are looking for ways to improve your diet for the rest of the year!
  3. Another “New Semester Resolution” might be to follow a day-to-day devotional through the bible app. They have many devotionals that can follow themes of your choice. Its all completely free! A place you can do your devotions, if you live on campus, might be the prayer room! It is a greta place to have some aloe time with God. The prayer room is located down the hall from L203. (
  4. One last suggestion might be to get to know your professors better! NCU prides ourself in our community. Our small class sizes allows for more personal connection with professors, and we hope that everyone takes advantage of that. One way to get to know your professors better is by the Major Meals event that ASNCU is holding tomorrow (January 25) in the cafeteria. Meals will be free after chapel (even for those who don’t currently have a meal plan) to allow students to get to know peers and professors in their major. We hope you can join us! And maybe later in the semester, you can have a 1:1 and get coffee. Learn about them and their life outside of the classroom!

We hope this provides you in an encouraging start to this new semester! We are excited to be writing for you again!


Have a great week!



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