Hey everyone!


For my last post of the semester, I wanted to go a little silly this week and put together a few #Relatable memes as we are going through dead week in preparation for finals.

To start off, this one belongs back on Nov 1st (If you’re a true Christmas music fan)


This one is the mood of every college student who is struggling with motivation to finish off the semester…



This one Zoe and I created ourselves and called it:

“When youre a Freshman and you’re waiting for mom to pick you up for Christmas break”















Now who doesn’t like some Lady Gaga? This one could be a Christmas meme, or it could really just be a Eugenian walking down the street

“When they say to ‘dress festive’ for the Christmas party”



This one is for those who love to bake during the Holiday season but also have the responsibilities of a student…

“When you’re studying late for finals and think ‘Should I bake 3000 cookies rn?'”



This ones my fav:

“When you have 1,000,0001 assignments to do, but you remember Santa is coming”













Hopefully these gave you a jolly chuckle and you can go about finishing the semester alive!! See you next semester!!





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