Meet the Person who left Pumpkin Rocks Around Campus!

Hey everyone!

If you haven’t noticed, about three weeks ago rocks painted like pumpkins were left around various places on campus. With each rock came a small poem that embodied the meaning of being Christian, and included an analogy of how a Christian is like a pumpkin. I will include the full poem at the end of the article.
This past week, I was able to get in touch with the person who left these beautifully hand-painted rocks. Her name is Rebecca Jerklund and she works for Minuteman Services. Minuteman Services is the company hired by NCU to provide custodial services to the university. You might see Rebecca around campus in the mornings around BG. I asked Rebecca a few questions as to what prompted her to do this and she responded with a great explanation:
I have been painting in one form or another since I was about 6. My mother is a professional wildlife artist so was a huge influence and inspiration in my painting escapades. She always encouraged my creativity, there are some in my family who call her a “Crafting Enabler”. Whether it’s my beadwork, woodworking, glass etching, painting, or any other neat craft I come across, she’s always helping-and in some cases, learning and ‘tweaking’ the craft project. The answer to the what prompted me to make them for campus, that’s a bit involved. 🙂
I was taught that God gave each of us gifts and talents, and we shouldn’t be selfish and keep them to ourselves. They were given to us as a means to show God’s incredible love for us. I have tried to use my crafts as a way to brighten the world, even if just a little bit. I frequently do projects and sell them dirt cheap or just give them away. Once a year, myself and my mother have tables at a holiday bazaar held by Willamette High School (I’m an alumn of class of 2002) which benefits the music program. We are both amused by the looks of near shock at our prices. We don’t do it for the money really, we enjoy bringing joy to others. We know who we’re giving it to will enjoy it and perhaps see God’s love and amazing work in the world around them like we do. My mother makes small painted animals for children at the gem faire every time they come to town. She paints hundreds for each time they come through, and sometimes there isn’t enough for the whole weekend. I was inspired by a story we were told in our children’s story one Sunday. The speaker was talking about how exciting it is to go to a pumpkin patch and pick out the perfect pumpkin. Rarely we can find a perfect one so we get one that may have a scratch, a flat spot, or is really dirty. Imagine then, how exciting it is for God to go out and find us in this world! We aren’t perfect, and in truth he’s not looking for a perfect one of us. He takes us home and cleans us and makes us the best we can be. We shine our light, the light of God’s love, from within. I’ve been going through a painting rocks phase of crafting (I also painted a rock shaped foot by the Hilyard apartment. The first time I saw the rock they were using as a door stop for the ‘basement’ unit, I saw a foot so I helped others see it.). I wanted to do something for the school. I didn’t know if they would be welcomed or not as I wasn’t sure if they needed approved by anyone prior to placement. On the back of the poem is written “if I am inappropriate here, please help me find a home. I make a great gift! Blessings!”, in case there was no place to have it. I also thought of writing the poem on small cards next to the pumpkins so anyone could take the message with them, but I didn’t want to take up too much ‘table space’.
Ok, sorry I kind of rambled there. 🙂 I believe in giving thorough answers and I can’t seem to write without it becoming an essay.
I hope you have a wonderful day!
Rebecca Bjerklund
(The daytime cleaning lady AKA Dust Bunny Eradication Specialist)


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