The Top 5 Sweet Spots for a Mid-Semester Pick-Me-Up

November can be a tough time to be a college student. Midterms are a memory of the past and Thanksgiving looms in the near future, but the days are suddenly shorter and many of the essays and projects that seems far away on syllabus day are suddenly due. This time of year is perfect for simple, sweet pick-me-up treat—so take a break from your usual afternoon routine and treat yourself to something at one of these local spots.

1. Sweet Life Patisserie

If you’re the mood for something sweet, but can’t decide between pie, cake, or any other type of dessert, Sweet Life is your place. They make almost everything in-house, and also offer espresso drinks and a variety of teas.

755 Monroe Street

Eugene, OR 97402

2. Prince Puckler’s Ice Cream

One of Eugene’s staple establishments for ice cream, Prince Puckler’s might be one the few places where you can order yourself a scoop of Barack Obama’s favorite flavor—the former president visited the ice cream shop during his presidency.

1605 E 19th Ave,

Eugene, OR 97403

3. Noisette Pastry Kitchen

Located near the heart of downtown Eugene, Noisette is the perfect corner bakery for homemade sweet and savory treats, as well as delicious coffee, tea, and kombucha.

200 W Broadway,

Eugene, OR 97401

4. Vero Espresso House

Vero wins bonus points for atmosphere—the coffee shop and breakfast spot is housed inside a cozy Victorian-style home, and provides the ideal place to study, read, or have a quiet afternoon chat with a friend.

205 E 14th Ave,

Eugene, OR 97401

5. Dizzy Dean’s Donuts

Although not as well-known as the much-touted VooDoo Donuts, Dizzy Dean’s is cheap, delicious, and open late into the night. They also have specials throughout the week if you’re looking to get your donut fix for even less.

 2380 W 11th Ave,

 Eugene, OR 97402

Zoe Herron

English major, poet, and Editor-in-Chief of the Beacon Bolt.

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