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Beacon Learning is one of the most important tool that NCU professors and students use in their classes.  This week we want to introduce (or reacquaint you with) a staff member, Elyse Critchon. For those of you who do not already know Elyse, she is a staff member who used to work in Student Life as a Resident Director (RD), and now works as the Instructional Technology Specialist on our campus.   Basically, Elyse is the Beacon Learning guru on campus.  We decided to do a profile on her because of her passion for NCU and because rumor has it is that students may have questions on how to interact with Beacon Learning.

Here is what she had to share with us:


“My name’s Elyse Crichton, and I’m a Beacon. I’ve been at NCU since 2008 when I started here as a freshman studying IDS and Elementary Education. Since then I’ve been involved in mission trips, study abroad, the Beacon Beanery, Residence Life, and more. After I graduated I came back to work here starting in Student Life as the Office Manager then the Resident Director. I was in the RD role for nearly 5 years when I made the switch to my new position in Information Technology (IT) in May. Now you can find my office upstairs in the PFB to the right of the conference room.”


  1. What is your current position with the school?

Instructional Technology Specialist

  1. What made you switch to this new position?

New challenges and new opportunities

  1. What do you like best about it?

I like playing with and learning about new technology, solving problems and figuring things out, and helping people. I also really enjoy that I can continue to see the students I have built relationships with in Res Life.

  1. What projects are you currently working on that will improve BL?

My job has primarily been training faculty so far, but we’re also trying to add some continuity to our various academic programs. For example, all of the MBA templates currently follow the same template. Some other programs may benefit from a standardized format so students have an easier time from class to class and professor to professor. If we can find some more things to standardize, students will have less of a learning curve from class to class.

  1. What are most of the complaints that you receive about BL?

So far my role has primarily been to support the professors, so the complaints I hear have been about how certain functions aren’t very intuitive when professors are building classes. If you have some specific complaints, please let me know! The IT team is always looking for feedback on ways we can help serve our NCU community better. Just submit a HelpTicket or email me with Beacon Learning feedback.

  1. What direction do you see BL going in the next year?

As I continue to familiarize myself with our current needs and what Beacon Learning has to offer, I’m confident we’ll continue to get better. I’ve been looking into what the new version of Moodle (aka Beacon Learning platform) offer and researching what more it can do for us.

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