Final thoughts by your Bolt staff

Hey All, I’m Bryce!

I’ve sincerely had a fantastic time working with the Beacon Bolt crew throughout the year and have had just as great of a time writing, editing, and even procrastinating “real” school work in order to put out as many Video-Essays as I could manage.

The Bolt has provided me with the perfect opportunity to explore a creative side of myself which I nearly forgot I had, and I can’t begin to thank the school and our cute lil team enough for that. Hopefully, you’ve had just as good of a time reading and watching our content as we’ve had making it and I hope to offer even more content next year!

Thanks for a super-dee-duper year, and have a fantastic summer vacation!


Hola amigos, Tomás here

I just want to start by thank you for reading the Bolt and supporting us! We try our best to cover topics that are fun, interesting, and keep you informed about our amazing school.

I think my favorite article series written this year was the one I did with Shivonne on the Church, love, and community. It was such a great to collab with a great friend who shares some of the same passions as me. Working together has inspired us to lead a small group together next year! Please talk to us if you are interested in joining!

As for my favorite video, I’d have to go with the Christmas show behind the scenes. This was the first time I made a video with both show footage and interview footage. It was so much fun to get to know some of the people on the show and understand the story behind it. I hope to do one of these every time the music department puts on a show.


My dear readers and friends,

I just want to thank each and every one of you from the bottom of my heart for being such an integral part of the Beacon Bolt! This year we have covered diverse topics ranging from profiles of the unique lives of NCU students and staff, countless controversial topics, and a wide range of school events.

It is my hope that, whether you only casually skimmed an occasional article or were a devoted reader, that the Bolt impacted you in some way this year. At its core, the Beacon Bolt is a student-run publication created by and for the NCU community. Bryce, Tomás, and I are here to serve you, and to give a voice to those whose voices are not always heard.

As summer comes and ends, and the 2017-2018 school year starts, I am committed to renewing that intention and continuing to glorify God through the work that the Beacon Bolt staff does. This is something that is so incredibly important to me, and I know that He will use the Beacon Bolt staff for good this next year and beyond. I can’t wait!

With All My Heart,


On behalf of all the Beacon Bolt staff, thank you and we look forward to serving you next 2017-2018 school year!!


Zoe, Bryce, & Tomás

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