Motivation for our last four weeks. As told in Gifs

Hey Beacon Bolt readers!

I can imagine you’re all trying to adjust back to waking up early for school instead of sleeping in till 11am and having your mom complaining you’re not doing anything over spring break. Or was that just me? That’s just me? Aight, cool…


Any-who, even if you didn’t have the luxury of sleeping in over break, maybe because you had to work, we can all agree on one thing: we are all looking for the motivation to finish off these last four weeks of school. Well have no fear, Tomas is here to try to help you find some motivation and to encourage you. To do this, I shall be using the most effective way of expressing emotions on the internet; Gifs

The first advice I’d like to give you is to look forward to breaks. For example: We have next Friday off from school! It shall truly be a Good Friday (pun intended). It also happens to be a perfect “break” that lands at the end of the second week of the four weeks we have left. Makes me feel a little like Jim from the office:


Next, if you have time (even just half an hour), NAP! Boy do they do wonders. Try your best to find some time to do this. If you are having trouble determining what type of nap you’d like to take, you can go to the Nap guide that is located right next to Jen Little’s apartment (special thanks to Kayla Miller). It includes descriptions of different naps like “MICRO NAP” and “EPIC NAP”. The last thing I want you to do is to feel guilty that you’re taking a nap. YOU deserve it. Corinne from the Bachelor, however, does not.


You can also ask people who follow me on snapchat, “What snapchats do you get from Tomas at 12pm exactly on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday?” They will respond with this picture:


Another thing that might help is to go out and treat yo self:


Treating yourself is a great way to also motivate yourself. Just picture this: You’re eating a giant snickerdoodle from Sweet Life with a tall glass of milk.


(at least, that’s what I picture. Idk bout y’all)

Treating yourself can be simpler and cheaper too. Like a late night run Taco Bell:


Lastly, and on a more serious note, I just want us all to remember how blessed we are to even be stressed about school. So many people do not even get the opportunity to receive higher education. So instead of feeling stressed or feeling a lack of motivation, feel blessed, like Riley Curry:


Therefore, go out and be blessed. YOU CAN DO THIS.



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