Jesus & Community: Local College Groups to Check Out

College is stressful—it’s a universally acknowledged fact, highlighted by social media, reiterated by memes, and pervading much of student culture. It seems that much a college student’s daily life is spent frantically working on homework or other school-related projects, all while attempting to also balance extracurricular activities, jobs, and relationships.  Rarely does it seem, however, that students take the time out of their busy schedule to focus the most important parts of their spiritual, mental, and emotional life.

Could college groups be the answer to this problem?

Followers of Jesus Christ are called to set aside specific time to pray, study, and focus on the Word of God. College students are no exception to this, and while many struggle make time for these essential activities, some are seeking community college groups in the middle of the hectic week to recharge and refocus on what truly

Courtney Robertson is one of those people. Robertson, a sophomore education major, attends the Ekklesia college group, a ministry of the Ekklesia church in Eugene, on Thursday nights. “I love going to college group because it is a special time in the middle of the week where I can re-center my heart and mind on God,” said Robertson, “I particularly love the welcoming environment the Ekklesia group brings forth each week.”

Junior Michael Buss also attends the Ekklesia college group, and says he appreciates the external community it provides. “The people, the sound Biblical teaching, and the food all make for an awesome time Thursday nights,” said Buss, a communication major.

Like Ekklesia College, the Good Fight, a ministry of the University Fellowship Church, is another local college group. “”I go to the Good Fight because I enjoy the fellowship with students who are also believers of Jesus, said sophomore Tomás Carradero, “and I have recently made some great relationships there.”

Ekklesia College meets Thursday nights at 7 PM in Columbia 150 on the University of Oregon campus.

The Good Fight gathers on the University of Oregon campus Tuesday nights at 8 PM in Straub 156 (by Hayward Field).

Do you attend one of these two groups, or another? Let us know in the comments below! 


Zoe Herron

English major, poet, and Editor-in-Chief of the Beacon Bolt.

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