7 Fun Ideas for the Holidays


1) Create handmade ornaments and decorations.

There isn’t an age limit on arts and crafts–and making decorations together with family and friends can be just as enjoyable. There is a plethora of holiday craft ideas that are available online. The expectation of a result, and the reality of the resulting craft, is an entertaining aspect of trying new projects. Simple craft ideas could include making paper snowflakes, snow globes out of mason jars, or even forming a snowman out of socks.

2) Deck out people with cards.

Sending a group text message is thoughtful, but presenting a (handcrafted) Christmas card to someone is also meaningful. Putting aside the time to invest in other people through personal acts shows consideration and care, because it generally requires more effort. Discovering a card from someone amongst the usual pile of bills and junk mail can be a nice way to brighten one’s day.

3) Drowning doesn’t happen at indoor ice-skating rinks.

There are too many dramatic movie scenes of people ice-skating and plunging into the icy depths below! Rather than risking a perilous death or a close encounter, how about going ice-skating as a group to a local rink? Depending on who you are, this could be a humiliating time to cling to the wall, or a golden opportunity to demonstrate your absolute mastery on the ice.

4) Read favorite childhood classics.

There are a multitude of excellent children’s books out there. For the sake of nostalgia and bonding over a good story, how about revisiting a book that you or someone else had adored during childhood? Some ever beloved titles include: How the Grinch Stole Christmas, The Polar Express, The Nutcracker and the Mouse King, The Little Match Girl, and The Gift of the Magi. Of course, playing a video of a burning fireplace in the background can only enhance the charm of this experience.

5) Watch iconic Christmas movies.

Although there are famous movies that may be well-liked and cherished, not everyone has shared the experience of watching these prominent pieces of pop culture. Those that have seen these movie may or may never tire of watching the same film each year. Several examples are It’s a Wonderful Life, A Christmas Carol, Home Alone, A Charlie Brown Christmas, and A Christmas Story. (Disclaimer: the author of this article is listing examples, not endorsing them.)

6) Too cold to carol?

There is a surviving remnant of people who keep the Christmas caroling tradition alive. Year-after-year, they dutifully go and sing to their neighbors. However, recent weather such as freezing rain, has made it somewhat treacherous to venture outside. A substitute for caroling could be Christmas karaoke–a group of people can experience the joy of singing together as an improv Christmas concert without risking the glacial chill of winter.

7) Remember the reason for the season!

Performing a play of the Nativity, or reading about the birth of Jesus, is a reminder of who is at the center of the celebration. It’s too easy to get caught up in the commercialism/consumerism that has invaded and overshadowed the true purpose of Christmas, but devoting time to worship and remember who this day was originally about is a wonderful way to have fellowship and personal reflection on truth. Rudolph, Frosty, and Santa Claus will pass away, but Christ stands firm forever.

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