5 College Student Thanksgiving Moments, As Told By Memes

As a college student living away from home, heading back to your hometown for Thanksgiving break can be a magical moment. After almost three months away, a long weekend of visiting family, seeing your pets again, and consuming copious amounts of home-cooked food can be just to trick to help fuel you through steadily approaching finals.

Although everyone experiences the Thanksgiving holiday break differently, there are some moments that consistently seem to be shared by most students.  I have complied the memes below to represent my top 5 college student Thanksgiving moments.

  1. Sleeping in Your Own Bed

After such a long time apart, reuniting with your bed is like a hug from an old friend…and once you’re all cozy and warm, it’s almost like no time had passed at all and you never even left.


2. Waiting for the Food to be Ready 

It’s 3 PM and you’ve already chugged a whole bottle of Martinelli’s apple cider, nibbled on  black olives and those little baby pickles, and hugged everyone in your extended family at least twice…


3. The Post-Meal Dilemma 

You’re absolutely stuffed with turkey, potatoes, and rolls, and you feel the food coma coming on. But then the pie comes out.  And who can say no to pie?


4. You Won’t Go Home Empty-Handed 

Not if grandma has anything to say about it, at least.


5. All The Warm, Fuzzy Feelings 

Although the meal, leftovers, and your own bed are great and all, nothing can compare to the wonderful moments you get to spend with those that you love. Being away from home for almost nine months out of the year can be hard, but it makes being surrounded by family even sweeter.


And to all our lovely Beacon Bolt readers and friends, have a joyous Thanksgiving! Thank you for supporting our publication and reminding us why we do what we do…we truly appreciate you! 

Zoe Herron

English major, poet, and Editor-in-Chief of the Beacon Bolt.

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