Thanksgiving Traditions!

Hey Beacs!

This week I found some really cool people who have interesting Thanksgiving traditions. I asked around school and was able to interview 5 people.

Here is the first, and one of the more normal, responses I got!

This one is from Ian Hawksford,

Every year, the day following Thanksgiving my family and I pack up the car and head north to our cabin at the base of Mt. St. Helens. The cabin is located outside of a small town in Washington called; Cougar. On the outskirts of Cougar is where cell phone service is first lost and that’s when the entire family unplugs. At the cabin there is no service and no electricity. Instead the cabin’s appliances is powered by an industrial-sized propane tank beyond the back deck. Our weekend consists of exploring the woods we’re surrounded by, reading, puzzles, old board games, and way too much food. It’s a nice way for the family to get away from the normal craziness of the Holiday’s without traveling very far.

The rest of the really cool traditions are below in the video!


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