10 Great Places to Eat at in Eugene


“Wanna eat out somewhere?”

With a growing ache in their stomach and a vague idea in mind, several new students tentatively search for nutrition and a new restaurant experience as they leave NCU’s campus, wanderers amidst a sea of selection. They are bombarded with uncertainty as they see sign after sign, promoting various sorts of savory food, but alas, they are stricken with the overwhelming plethora of choices!

Fortunately, one of them compiled a helpful guide of restaurant suggestions:

1) Original Pancake House, located at 782 East Broadway, is home to a flavorful range of pancakes, crepes, waffles, omelets, and all manner of extraordinary breakfast choices. Their special food option is the Dutch Baby, a type of pancake that they serve with whipped butter, lemon, and powdered sugar.

2) If you’re in the mood for an excellent taco, burrito, or quesadilla, then Qdoba is the restaurant for you. Located only several crosswalks away from NCU’s campus, at 840 East 13th Avenue, they heap on generous amounts of whatever delicious ingredient you desire to create a magical firework sensation for your mouth.

3) If you’re unfamiliar with Duck Sushi on 790 E 13th Avenue, rest assured that it’s not what it sounds like–it isn’t an emphasis on sushi made from ducks. They actually offer over 30 different types of sushi and other items such as a variety of bubble teas, noodles, rice bowls, and other side dishes. If you’re too tired to walk down the sidewalks, you can order food from them online and have it delivered!

4) If you harbor an overwhelming desire for a frozen delight that has nothing to do with a certain popular animated film, then Yogurt Extreme at 879 East 13th Avenue is where you can compile the dessert of your dreams. They have approximately 40 different flavors of yogurt that they offer in rotation, along with a buffet of incredible toppings that range anywhere from fresh fruit to chocolate caramel turtles. The nutritional information for their yogurts are all listed online.

5) Caspian Mediterranean Cafe on 863 East 13th Avenue has quite an extensive menu. Besides the many breakfast choices they offer, they also have a wide array of assortment of soups, salads, and sandwiches. However, their most popular food items are Gyros (a type of pita pocket) and Shawarma plates. Online ordering and delivery is offered as well.

6) If you’re craving a classic meal of hamburger and fries (that are fried in cholesterol-free peanut oil), then Five Guys Burgers and Fries on 495 West 7th Avenue can provide that for you. They offer online ordering so you can skip the line, but there’s no delivery. However, they do have an app for the sake of convenience.

7) If you long to surround yourself with an atmosphere of tropical opulence, then Hawaiian Time, located at 333 Coburg Road, is where to go. Their menu is small and offers mostly grilled food, but it’s just so ono. Why travel to Hawaii when you can get a taste of it at a place that is only minutes away?

8) Pizza is generally the ultimate food for gatherings of hungry people. Sy’s New York Pizza at 1211 Alder Street is a three-minute walk from NCU’s campus. Their most popular food item is the Build Your Own pizza. Additional services they provide are online ordering and delivery.

9) Another well-known pizzeria with more food selection than what’s previously listed is Sizzle Pies on 910 Willamette Street. Besides standard meat pizzas, they offer vegan pizzas, breakfast pizzas, and enough toppings to put on top of your toppings. They deliver too, of course.

10) A quaint little restaurant with primarily American cuisine, is Glenwood, located on 1340 Alder Street. Their food is anything from pasta to even gluten-free options. It is notable to mention the nice outdoor seating area that is available there, especially when the weather is lovely.

Thanks to all the NCU students who kindly donated their suggestions about their favorite eateries!

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