This is how the Force works: State of the University Address 2016

Northwest Christian University students, faculty, and staff attending chapel today were first greeted by an iconic clip of Han Solo and Finn in the 2015 blockbuster Star Wars: The Force Awakens before being introduced to the day’s speaker. Michael Fuller, Vice President of Enrollment and Student Development, repeated the now-famous line, “That’s not how the Force works!” before taking the stage to deliver the annual State of the University Address.  michael-fuller

Fuller first outlined recent student body statistics, saying that NCU was experiencing its sixth straight year of record enrollment, freshman to sophomore retention rates were stronger than ever, students were graduating with a minimum of 135 hours of field experience, and more. He also explained that the school is six years into its “20/20 Vision” plan, a strategic plan “made up of seven goals…through the year 2020,” all meant to improve the student and staff experience at NCU.

This was all to say, Fuller noted, that “you are going to be a part of NCU for the rest of your life.” Because of this, he emphasized that the success of NCU as an institution relied on student input and action. According to Fuller, this can happen only if students know their resources and who to go to with questions at the university. He highlighted many of the departments, and the people working within those departments, at NCU, including student life, academics, career development, financial aid, residence life, and spiritual formation.

In closing, Fuller highlighted the importance of student action in the process of change. He added that innovation and improvement at NCU was only possible if students were empowered to be involved in their education and life outside the classroom. “You now know how the Force works,” said Fuller finally, before closing the service in prayer.

Those with questions or seeking more information on the State of the University Address can contact Michael Fuller at (541) 684-7201 or at

Additionally, students or community members with a question related to specific departments of student life at NCU can contact the following people:

Greg Brock, Director of Residence Life and Student Services – (541) 684-7252

Troy Dean, Campus Pastor – (541) 684-7293

Princess Fox, Director of Student Programs – (541) 684-7250

Corey Anderson, Athletic Director – (541) 684-7354

Dr. Joseph Womack, President – (541) 684-7241

Angela Doty, Director of Academic Services and Career Development – (541) 684-7289

Jocelyn Hubbs, Director of Financial Aid – (541) 684-7291

Dr. Keith Potter, Vice President for Advancement – (541) 349-7439

Dr. Dennis Lindsay, Vice President of Academic Affairs – (541) 684-7253


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