Final Thoughts

Honestly, there’s not much to say. There are just a couple school days left before another year is in the books. The first for some, the last for others.

Each year has had its own unique aspect that did more to define it than anything else, and this year, for me, that defining aspect was the Beacon Bolt.

Through the Beacon Bolt, I was able to have a perspective that was different from an ordinary student. The position allows one to place their finger on the pulse of the NCU community. It provides the opportunity to be a voice for those who lack a platform from which to be heard, and question platforms that may not be questioned enough.

Writing for the Beacon Bolt has taught me a lot. It’s shown me people’s true colors, both good and bad. I am more convinced than ever that a diversity of thought is the most important thing a college campus can offer its students, and hopefully that is a concept that will gain traction.

But now, it’s time for summer. Kick back and take a breather. Soak up that sun, because we all know it’s a limited commodity here in Eugene. Congrats to those who have graduated, and to those who haven’t yet, I’ll see you next year. God bless.

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