Sensitive Censoring

The Beacon Bolt is a publication of the student body of Northwest Christian University. In the last two years working for the Beacon Bolt I have gained a greater understanding of censorship. I believe there is appropriate censorship that is used to tailor the media to a certain audience, as well as censorship that is used purely not to offend others. How a media site, such as the Beacon Bolt, chooses to apply their censoring, can say a great deal about the publication’s integrity.

The definition of censor given by Merriam Webster reads, “an official who examines materials (as publications or films) for objectionable matter”. The fact that one person is deciding what is and is not appropriate or morally right shows how truly subjective censorship is as a topic. The idea of what is or isn’t objectionable is left to the eye of the beholder.

Working for a school publication, limitations are expected in deciding what is acceptable to publish. Many ideas are carefully thought over and edited with great detail. I have discovered how challenging it can be to find ideas and issues that matter as well as represent the school well. My superiors, who have a keen eye, have the tasking job of deciding how to represent the school through more than just the Beacon Bolt.

With the process of deciding what is objectionable for the school, and still trying to perceive my own thoughts and opinions through my writing, the creative process can be straining. When trying to produce ideas that will entertain the audiences, expand my writing abilities, and represent NCU, is easy no task. I admire my fellow colleagues and believe that we truly produce content with a purpose. Expanding past normal limitations and trying to break through the daily routine are steps to expanding the topics that will become the new normal. Respecting the people who work here, and my fellow writers, I want to challenge all at NCU to stop or hinder the action of censoring oneself. Step out of your comfort zone and speak your mind, while also representing yourself well!

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