Poetry Slam 2016

The Beacon Bolt is a publication of the student body of Northwest Christian University. Attending the poetry Slam, I didn’t expect to be entertained or amused by much. My entire life I have ignored poetry as a form of writing and believed it is entangled with background meaning and an overly emotional way for people to share too much of themselves. On Friday night I was greatly surprised by the amount of welcoming people and acceptance that filled the room. So many trusting participants opened up their lives for the public to hear, and for those actions, have gained much respect from me.

The many poets shared their writings about bullying, singlehood, politics, hometowns, consumerism, and school shootings. The event was packed with emotions and the power that flowed from the stringed words to create the powerful meanings that were artfully spoken by many brave souls.

The poetry slam started with a set list of pre-designated poets who had signed up before hand. Geeda Haase kicked off the evening with a beautifully written poem on peer pressure, bullying and constant judgment that comes from society. Her emotional delivery and power from her written words still gives me chills today. Following was Zoe Herron who had written a poem “On Words” that artfully captured the power that words have within our culture to build people up and tear people down. Many other poets shared about the harmfulness of society including Lily Wanous, Stephanie Steinhardt, Alaina Thompson, Alex Frier, and Michael Buss.

Gianna Rains and Katy Noel delivered the poems that I personally enjoyed the most, and each had a significant impact on the night. Gianna shared a poem written by a friend about their hometown. This poem meant a lot to me, as I come from a very small community and I love that I came from such a tight knit community. Katy Noel shared a poem entitled “Monologue of an Onion” in which life and death is described dramatically from the viewpoint of an onion.

Other powerful poems were delivered by David Carassco on his past, Hannah Roddy on travel, Tomas on Purposeful Strength, Emily Helt on the struggle of school, Sherry Reeder on the importance of teachers, and last but certainly not least Lindsey Quigley shared her thoughts on music.

The evening was filled with sentiment and powerful words. To those who have not been fans of poetry, I urge you to step out of your comfort zone and listen to those around you who are opening up their thoughts on life for all to hear. Go and support your friends and be inspired. The event is biannual, meaning that they happen twice a school year. Please take time to reflect, write, and share!

Thank you to FeMystique and Student Programs for sponsoring the event.

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