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The Beacon Bolt is a publication of the student body of Northwest Christian University. The dreaded week before spring break is upon us. The last-minute projects, the painstakingly long hours put into an essay, and the tormenting 8 am are all that stand between us and a week of freedom. Looking forward to the exciting time that is soon to be upon us, we need to dream big with our plans. I’m not saying fly to Florida and be apart of the early 2000’s craze of beach parties and MTV raves, but don’t plan to sleep the week away avoiding all possible creative options. Spring break is a time to rejuvenate and get away form the taxing daily stress. Find something that inspires you and can satisfy your thirst for adventure before returning to the mundane life of being a student. Go on a road trip, start an exciting novel, or go on a hike!

Last spring break I took the time to tackle some small hikes, including Spencer’s Butte of course. The lovely Sarah Lawhorn accompanied me as I decided to film my trek for a class project, the Creation and Care class taught by Terry O’Casey and his beautiful wife Carole O’Casey. This video became a creative outlet for me, as well as a surprising form of worship. Creating videos has become a fun hobby and creative outlet that I have taken advantage of, and used as a form of worship.

Take the time to go out and do something that you truly enjoy and don’t be scared to jump head first into the adventures that await you during spring break!

Enjoy the video!

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