Beloved Barry’s

The Beacon Bolt is a publication of the student body of Northwest Christian University. Being able to walk across the street and grab a cup of delicious coffee, and a black and white cookie is something I have taken for granted during my time at NCU. Having one of the finest bakeries/cafes/sandwich shops in town so close to our very own campus is a pleasure I think we should all divulge in while we can.

Take the time to stroll across the street and join in the everyday lunch rush at Barry’s, order a half grilled cheese and a matzo ball soup, and sit at a darling wooden booth. Enjoy the busy ins and outs of Barry’s and some great people watching time. As you get your food cherish the delicious bread that has been toasted to perfection and relish in the steam and savory smells emitting from the delectable matzo ball soup. The experience that this cozy neighborhood bakery provides is one that can never be replaced.

Sadly these special times will not be available much longer; the amazing Barry’s Bakery and Deli will be closing on May 27th and be reopening as a marijuana dispensary. The delicious smells of fresh baked bread will soon be replaces with a horrid atmosphere of an overused and unnecessary drug. Sadly there is nothing that can be done to reverse this process, but we still have time to take advantage of the scrumptious offerings of Barry’s.

Throughout my time at NCU, Barry’s has been my go to place for comfort, solidarity, and mouthwatering food. If you haven’t taken the time to stop in and try the amazing pastries and coffee, please take the time to try it before the opportunity is lost. I recommend a black coffee and coffee cake for quick stop ins, and grilled cheese and matzo ball soup for lunch. Barry’s is open Monday through Saturday 6:30 am to late (no joke, they have no exact close time), and Sunday 10 am to 6 pm. Stop by and treat yourself in the best eatery in town!

Also check out this website and sign a petition that is against the replacing of Barry’s!

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