How to be Single

The Beacon Bolt is a publication of the student body of Northwest Christian University. With Valentine’s Day fast approaching we will begin to see many cynical tweets and posts about the single life. I personally enjoy this one:


Of course being at a small Christian University, surrounded by people in their early twenties, love is all around us and relationships are the biggest of deals. Engagements are constantly being thrown in our faces, while relatives are laying on the third degree about who that guy was in your last Facebook post. Love is all around us, but if we are not partaking we can become cold and contemptuous.

Being single around Valentine’s Day can bring out the true pessimist from within you. You can roll your eyes at every handholding couple, and gag at every gushy insta post, but how are you positively affecting your life?

There are plenty of clichés about being single and putting yourself out there, but who wants to hear that? I don’t. The only cliché about singleness that can be spun in a positive way is “Use these years to find yourself”. Being single to me means ordering pizza and watching a cheesy rom-com with a cheesy pizza and some even cheesier friends. You know who you are. Being single isn’t about going to parties or social gatherings and putting on a show in hopes that someone will notice me. It’s going over to a friend’s and playing a ridiculously dorky board game.

My single years aren’t going to be spent pretending to be someone or something I am not, but about finding things that I love, and people whom I love. My singleness is devoted towards God and the plan he has in store for me, not the constant search of approval from a significant other. By embracing God’s love for us, we are simultaneously embracing the plan he has for us at that moment in life and not looking forward to what is to come.

So don’t sit around and wait for your life to begin when someone else finally deems you worthy of his or her love. Embrace the love your Everlasting Father is giving you right now!

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