Can We Go Thrift Shopping?

As broke college students living in Eugene, we have to be quite frugal with how we spend our money. Shopping at stores such as Nordstrom Rack, Macy’s, and Nike are no longer options with a typical student budget. Luckily we are blessed to be living in a city that fully embraces thrift shops and the idea of recycling clothes; in fact a majority of which are consignment stores. While living in Eugene I have come across quite a few great places that offer great quality at a reasonable price.

1.) Goodwill located at 1010 Green Acres Rd, Eugene, OR 97408

This Goodwill is one of the largest Goodwill’s in this area, and is packed with great deals. When going to any Goodwill you must be willing to sift through some typical Goodwill items like turtlenecks of every color and those hilarious furry vests to find Goodwill’s hidden treasures, but that 4.99 price is worth it. One benefit of shopping at Goodwill for you thrift store newbies is that they offer a 50% off discount on different colored tags. Walking into Goodwill and finding the perfect sweater, which happens to have a red tag conveniently on red tag day, is the biggest thrifting accomplishment.

2.) Buffalo Exchange located at 131 E 5th Ave, Eugene, OR 97401

Buffalo Exchange is a consignment store that sells and buys very high quality items, customers. In result of Buffalo Exchange buying items from their customers, they are selective of what is in the store and often are quite picky of what brands they will accept; guaranteeing they only supply in-style, high quality merchandise. Buffalo Exchange is on the pricier side of the local thrift stores, but this directly relates to the high quality that they demand from their consigners.


3.) Plato’s Closet located at 1711 Willamette St, Eugene, OR 97401

Plato’s Closet is another consignment store that is new to the Eugene/Springfield area. Back home in the Portland area there are a few stores, which are notoriously known for having popular brands for a decent price. When I heard that they were opening a Plato’s Closet, I got excited! The one downfall to Plato’s Closet is that they only offer in store credit. This is still a great addition to the Eugene thrifting options.

Even though I love the idea of having a shopping day like the many montages that you may see in movies, I also love the thrill of finding the bargains and steals that thrift stores have to offer. Take advantage of these options and shop cheap or sell those unwanted clothes, and still have money to spend on the essentials, like Burrito Boy and McDonalds.

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