Broke and Need a Costume?

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Are you a modest-average-sized-budget-minded-college-student? Good luck finding a perfect costume, on a perfect budget. Last year, I realized the costume market is a joke. I searched and searched for a couples costumes or even individual costumes that I liked at the popular department stores and after spending an entire weekend trying to find a couples costume, I went to the place I should have started with, Pinterest.


  1. Rosie the Riveter*

Materials: Denim shirt, red and white bandana, red lipstick, jeans and some boots.

How To: Get dressed and put on some lipstick. Wearing your hair in a curly bun gets you added style points! Create a bubble sign that says, “We can do it!” to add another touch.

Price: FREE! If you don’t have these items, I promise your friends do!

*Couples costume could be created if he dressed up as a DIY Uncle Sam

rosie rosie2

  1. Damian From Mean Girls

Materials: Light blue hoodie, sunglasses, jeans and a white sign that says, “She doesn’t even go here.”

How To: Wear all of these items with hood and sunglasses on. Create the sign and wait for the laughs. If you have seen Mean Girls you would understand that its genius!

Price: FREE, again ask around I’m sure you or your friends have these materials.


  1. Mary Poppins*

Materials: Red lipstick, black tights, black skirt, black shoes, white button-up collared shirt, red bow tie, black hat, fake flowers and an umbrella.

How To: Wear clothing tape or glue fake flowers to the hat, hold an umbrella.

Price: $10-$15, red bow tie (JcPenny’s) and fake flowers (Dollar Store) for hat.

*You could turn this into a couples costume, just look up how to DIY Bert


Couples and Pairs

  1. Starbucks To-Go Cups

Materials: Black long sleeve shirt, black tights, light brown or tan shoes, cream or white colored dress, brown paper and large paper Starbucks logos, headband, Starbucks lid and straw and possibly your favorite Starbucks drink!

How To: Wear the clothing and then create a belt out of the brown paper and Starbucks logos. Glue the lid and straw to a headband and hold your favorite drink.

Price: $5, Find clothing in your closet or from friends, you’ll just have to buy Starbucks, but I mean maybe if you come in wearing this, they will be pretty impressed.


  1. Velma and Shaggy

Materials: Green shirt and brown pants for Shaggy, Velma needs glasses (real or fake), a black tang-top, orange shirt, red skirt and orange knee high socks. Straight across bangs are an added bonus.

How To: Wear the clothes and have shaggy mess up his hair! It’s easy!

Price: FREE – $30, depending on what clothes you have in your closet.

velma and shaggy

  1. Double Stuff Oreo (My Fiancé Brandon and I Last Halloween)

Materials: Four black poster boards (really thick, cardstock or foam), white fabric markers or white markers that can vividly show up on the black boards, white yarn/ribbon/rope, black pants and leggings, white long sleeve t-shirts, black and white shoes (we wore converse and vans) and black beanies.

How to: Wear clothing. Then cut the poster boards into large circles (see picture below for size estimation), print out the Oreo design for reference and draw the Oreo markings on the poster in white marker. Create holes at the top and bottom on both sides of the cookie and add yarn to create straps to wear like a backpack.

Price: $15 was our Material cost was because we had all the clothing.

double stuff oreo

I hope that you try DIY’ing your own costume this year, its super fun and rewarding! It’s a great way to be original and not be a duplicate at a party or dance and you’ll get a ton or compliments for being so “crafty” when its actually quite simple! Happy Harvest and Happy Halloween!

Most pictures and costume ideas were found on, Thank you.

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