“The Visit” Review

There’s nothing better than getting your squad together, buying a large, buttery and delicious popcorn, and sitting down in a comfy chair with built in cup holders to enjoy a major motion picture. The anticipation for a great movie, and the thrill of waiting for what’s going to happen next is what drives my love for going to the movies, I live on the excitement for a movie to be released. I thoroughly enjoy watching previews and one preview that had caught my eye quite a while ago was for a movie titled “The Visit”. The preview showed two young children going to visit their grandparents for the first time, but their grandparents were not who they thought they were.

The preview of this movie is pointed towards horror movie fans, showing strange things that the grandparents do such as crawling under the house, and asking the granddaughter to climb into the oven to clean it. Any horror movie fans know that this movie has everything it needs to be good, old people, a farmhouse setting, and unsuspecting children. Although I expected there to be some sort of demonic possession involved in the weird behavior, but as anyone who has seen an M. Night Shyamalan movie knows, there was a huge twist that would throw any viewer for a loop. Now I don’t want to spoil the movie for anyone so I will not reveal the twist, but it will blow your mind!

The character development in this movie is amazing, making you grow to love the two children, Becca, an aspiring documentary producer, and Tyler, better known as T Diamond Stylus, an aspiring rapper, as they get to know their grandparents for the first time and take some unexpected turns. The movie hits on key points of a thriller/suspense movie by providing the usual jump scares and heart thumping scenes of cat and mouse, but M. Night Shyamalan throws in some funny twists including some freestyle raps and very quotable lines, where Tyler replaces swear words with female pop stars, and implements them at perfect moments. Although this is not a star studded cast, the movie is amazing and is a must see.

If you love horror movies, this will become a classic and is a must see. If you are not into scary movies or are curious about them, this is an excellent introduction to the genre. I would recommend this movie and would love to see it with anyone who is willing. Let me know if there are other movies you would like me to review or we can get a group together and go share our love of movies together!

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