Embracing our Campus and Community

The last two weeks around our incredible campus have been filled with opportunities to worship our God in some amazing ways. The week of September 14th through the 18th NCU had some events scattered throughout the week to provide students with opportunities to practice their faith including daily morning devotions open to the whole student body, as well as some impressive chapel speakers, and a beacon night of worship and homeless outreach. The Campus Ministry team’s goal was to inspire the student body by reminding us of our spiritual pathway, and how God works in us and shapes our lives every day. Next year, be sure to dive in and experience all the opportunities provided to spark the flame, stoke the fire, and shine your light!

Another opportunity given to the NCU student body was ETC (Embrace the Community) Day. NCU partnered with over 20 outreach locations in the Eugene and Springfield areas, so that we, the students and faculty, could serve our community. As a member of NCU I firmly believe in the mission statement of Wisdom, Faith, and Service. I had the chance to interview Jennifer Little, the incredible woman who organized this event, says gracefully that we should participate because “Our two great calls as Christians are to love God and love our neighbor. We’re not always very good at that. It takes practice, and that is the heart of ETC day. It’s an opportunity to act out our love for God by loving our neighbors.” If you were not involved this year, make sure to sign up next year and serve an amazing organization within our community.


We are blessed here at NCU with staff and student leaders who want to help us grow in more than just our academic lives, and we need to take advantage of these opportunities while we have the chance! Below is a list of a few of the places we volunteered, take the time and try to visit again to help support the community throughout the school year!

Looking Glass

A few of the places NCU partnered with were:

Eugene Mission

Bags of Love

Hosea House

Veterans Housing Project

Looking Glass

Hannah’s House

Mt. Pisgah

Women’s Space

Food for Lane County

And many more!

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