Allow Me to Introduce Myself

Greetings! My name is Kenny Kessler and I am thrilled to be to be making my debut as an Assistant Editor for The Beacon Bolt! This fall marks the start of my third year at NCU, the next chapter in what has so far been an unforgettable ride.

I am getting my degree in English, which I suppose makes me a bit of a freak because that means I actually enjoy writing! I hope to become a novelist one day, but like many of you don’t have all of my future plans ironed out. That’s ok though, because we’re in college! To be at this stage in life without the blueprint shouldn’t be too troubling, because if God’s on your side you’re guaranteed to win.

I’m a small-town Idaho native and eldest child in a large homeschool family that consists of my mom and dad, myself, four brothers, three sisters, four dogs and a cat.

Besides writing, I have a deep love for soccer and am a member of our men’s team here at NCU. I have a broad taste in music, and have great appreciation for art (I was originally going to be an art major before choosing to come here), good food, and perhaps more than anything: stories. Anything with a good story I will most likely enjoy, whether it’s a movie, video game, book, or any other media. Good stories are my lifeblood.

My hope for The Beacon Bolt is that we can make it a publication that keeps the Northwest Christian community entertained, informed, and in the process become a thread that makes us all more strongly woven together in the unique tapestry that is NCU. I wish to see The Beacon Bolt expand too; exploring new methods that can increase the campus’s awareness of the Bolt, as well as making it easier to receive input from you, the students, regarding what you want to read about. After all, this is for you! I am very excited for this year and have high hopes. Feel free to say hi if you see me walking around campus, I know there are a lot of new faces around here I haven’t met! I can also be contacted at Good luck to everyone this year!

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