Honoring God with Honors

Last fall, students were given the opportunity to turn any course into an honors contract. This program covers a wide range of courses offered by NCU, and students have already completed honors contracts in Bible and Theology, Ethics, Interpersonal Communications and more. Beginning in the fall of 2015, which means this is available to students now, is the chance to work towards an Honors Degree by completing these three steps throughout their years at NCU.

First a student must be admitted to the honors program by completing three honors courses. By doing this, you have submitted an “application”, or completed an audition in the words of Professor Doyle Srader.

Second a student must complete twenty percent or more of their required courses as honors contracts. One hundred and twenty four is the required minimum, meaning that twenty percent would be twenty five credits as honors credits, as well as having thirteen of those honors courses as upper level, meaning 300 or up.

Third the student will complete an honors thesis in place of their capstone. This step is affirmed by the student’s advisor and poses a challenge for the honors students. . They must tackle a rigorous project, far greater than that of a capstone, and then defend their case in front of a panel of at least two faculty readers.

Now don’t let these steps scare you away from pursuing an Honors Degree. Professor Srader has an outstanding quote that should inspire every student to strive for their up most best in their studies. He says, “God led you to a college, so the work He has laid out for you is to study. What the honors program does is give you an opportunity to wring out every last drop of your potential, to turn your one talent into ten. Anyone who wants to glorify God should do nothing less.”

Having an honors degree makes you more of an attractive applicant for jobs. By being in an honors contract, you also have the opportunity to customize the classes that you take. If you would like to pursue this topic further, speak with any of your professors or your academic advisor for more details on how to tailor this degree to your needs.

For more information you can view these videos created by NCU:

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