“Give Him All the Glory, Honor and Praise.”



NCU has what seems to be a great track and field season. With multiple people qualifying for the Cascade Conference Championships and few others qualifying for Nationals, NCU track and field has made a pretty good name for itself. Here is the list of those with qualifying times or scores up to this point in the season.

On the men’s side in their respective events we have:

Daniel Brock

Javonte Byrd

David Carrasco

Tyler Fox

Garth Gant

Tanner Keuter

Garrett Kraal

Nick Lopez

Jordan Miller

Mason Schumaker

Luke Sparks

Hunter Tyler

TJ Wright

On the women’s side in their respective events we have:

Shaneesa Applegate

Sierra Brown

Haley Damian

Allison Duvenez

Kareena Emerald

Michelle Fletcher (Nationals)

Macie Gale

Alyssa Harmon (Nationals)

Delaney McMahon

Madeleine Nelson

Rosa Schmidt (Nationals)

Shea Vallaire (Nationals)

All of these athletes have qualified for the CCC meet. Hopefully NCU can bring back some nice hardware to show all of the hard work they have put in. It has been a successful season thus far, and those who have qualified for Nationals will look to compete for some big recognition across the country.

There is also the possibility that an athlete might go to the CCC meet even if they haven’t qualified yet. If there is no NCU students participating in an event, Coach Walcott can select one athlete to represent NCU.

We sent out a few questions for some of the athletes on the team along with Coach Walcott. We wanted to get a feel for how great the experience is to be on the NCU Track and Field team.

Haley Damian, freshman and will be competing at the CCC meet in the 100m and 200m sprints, had a few great quotes about her experience on the team. Haley said, “The Titan Twilight meet was my favorite so far because my friends and family were all there supporting me. I also felt like I was in a rut coming into this meet but I won my heat in the 100 and ran my fastest time yet. I felt fully satisfied after this meet and I finally felt that my hard work is being paid off.” She also had a shout out for a fellow teammate. She said, “I am extremely proud of Rosa Schmidt, because not only is she killing it on the track, but she is killing it in the classroom too.” Haley has had a great season and works very hard. She is a competitor and pushes herself. Coach Walcott has been her coach for a while, and they have a great relationship because of it. Here is what she had to say about Coach Walcott, “George has done a fantastic job with building this track program. I had George Walcott as my high school coach and I know that he has a talent, working with athletes and fellow coaches. I am excited to see where Northwest Christian’s track program is heading and I know that George will make it reach its potential.” Congrats to Haley on a great season!

Rosa Schmidt, also a freshman who had a great season, had a few things to say about the season too. Rosa will be competing in the CCC meet and at Nationals. Her events are the 5000m and 10000m. “My favorite part of the team this year was that everyone cared about how everyone else was doing. Everyone tried their best to cheer for one another, give words of support, and help each other out.” She also had a shout out for two of her coaches, Dan and Heike. She said, “Shout out to Dan and Heike for being the Yin to the other’s coaching Yang. It makes the team really rounded.” Rosa has had a great season!

We also had a chance to hear from sophomore, Daniel Brock who is yet another qualifier for the CCC meet. Daniel competes in the triple jump and has jumped 38”9’ this year. Daniel had this to say about what he was most proud of about the team, “I am proud that people stay supportive to everyone on the team no matter what happens while competing.” There was one meet that stood out to Daniel and this is what he said, “Despite the weather, I enjoyed the meet at Lane because it is close to home and there were a lot of supporters of NCU there.” Daniel has had a great season and looks to compete well at the CCC meet.

Coach Walcott also had a few things to say about the season. “My favorite thing about our track team is that we do a tremendous job of making use of the limited track facilities at our disposal. Because we do not have a track, we have to bounce around from certain high schools as well as middle schools. Our kids never complain and always show up to practice ready to work. Little becomes much when you place it in the Fathers hands. I’m fully confident that one day, at His own time and pace, the Father will bless us with our own track facility. Until then, we will continue to make use of the unique opportunities he has presented to us, and we will continue to give him all glory, honor, and praise. I’m extremely proud of the way our student athletes conduct themselves at track meets and the way they show respect to their opponents. Sportsmanship is often talked about, but not always put into practice, especially in the midst of defeat and disappointments. As a Christian institution, it’s very important that we practice what we preach, so the way we conduct ourselves, says a lot about who we really are. I cannot think of any meets or events thus far that I would consider my favorite, or one to never forget. We have two more meets to go including the conference meet, so maybe something unique could happen at any of those meets. We’ll just have to wait and see. I would like to give a shout out to all of my assistant coaches: Heike McNeil and Dan Jackson (cross country / distance), Larry Callaway (hurdles), Steve Davis (shot put / discus), Aaron Lamb (jumps), Roslyn Overstake (javelin). They have made numerous sacrifices in assisting me in the implementation and development of our new track & field program, and I’ll forever be eternally grateful to each of them for their hard work and sincere commitment to NCU Track & Field. Without them, my job would be extremely challenging and impossible.”

Coach Walcott has been an inspiration to many athletes, not only on the track team, but around the campus. He is a great man of God, and a great example of what NCU represents.

NCU has had a great track season, and the coaching staff has done a great job. I am happy to be a part of this school as not only a basketball player, but an athlete in general. NCU athletics continues to pursue excellence as is reflected in the performance of the track team. Congratulations to the track team on a great season and good luck at the CCC meet and Nationals.

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