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Welcome to Steven’s Eats! This is the first of many articles where I, Steven Ray, will traverse around the various eateries close to the NCU Campus and in Eugene and tryout different dishes and right reviews. For this first issue, I went to Maple Garden, which is a Chinese restaurant just behind the Starbucks on 13th.

The exact address of the restaurant is 1275 Alder street. Its hours are Monday thru Friday from 11am to 9pm and Saturday/Sunday from noon to 9pm.

It has that small “hole-in-the-wall” type of feel when you first enter the building. There are some ornate decorations on the walls as well as a fish tank right on the front counter. It does not have Wi-Fi accessibility though.

Now I’ve been to Maple Garden quite a few times, so I felt it safe to do this first article at a location that I knew fairly well. I also want it to be my personal goal to be recognized when I walk in there and they know exactly what I want.

I chose to get the sesame chicken this time. It came with steamed rice and egg flower soup. Since I went at the dinner hour, it cost me close to $16 for the chicken, rice, and soup (which all comes with the meal) and an order of 8 pot stickers.

The sesame chicken dish with the sauce and onions mixed in taste like a chicken nugget to me. Now I know that sounds really weird and farfetched for Chinese food but I promise you it is absolutely delicious.  The rice is just your basic steamed rice. The pot stickers are fried so the outer “shell” has a slight crispness to it and appear to be a chicken and vegetable mix inside of the dumpling.

There is a lunch special for this menu item that runs for $6.95 and you receive the rice, chicken, and soup as well, but in a smaller portion. The price of the meal for the amount of food you get is quite exceptional. After eating the lunch sized portion, I am quite filled up (which is tough to do to begin with) and the portion size for the dinner is even bigger.

Overall, this is a restaurant that I will continue to go to for the foreseeable future and I highly recommend it to anyone who likes Chinese food.

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