College Student Wisdom: Lessons Learned This Year

I am completely confident that everyone has their countdown going, so I don’t need to tell you that summer is around the corner. We can finally see that light at the end of the tunnel. Dead Week is upon us and finals are approaching; all energy will be drained. Yet, there’s something beautiful about the end of a school year. We are all just a bit older, a bit more mature, and we have a few more experiences, stories, and lessons under our belts.

Personally this year was full of change. With that change came numerous revelations about myself. I learned that I am way more of a homebody than I thought I was. I discovered that there is something magical about tea. Another thing I learned is fingernail polish is the answer. Whether it’s buying a new color or painting my nails, it helps me de-stress in a way that nothing else can. I learned to truly be present, living in the moment and not being caught up by the future. God taught me that He is my rock and that He will sustain me. He reminded me that I am His child and that His love for me is unconditional. There is nothing I could do, or refrain from doing that will make Him love me less. I am His child and He delights in me.

The  list above names only a small fraction of the things I learned about myself this school year. A year goes by so quickly, yet so much happens in that span of time. My story is different than yours. You had different experiences, different lessons learned. I’m curious to know, what did you learn about yourself this year? Post in the comments below what you learned. It can range from silly to humorous. After posting, or before (you pick!), enjoy reading the things some of your fellow classmates learned about themselves.


Shelby Lundquist-Adams, senior

  1. Don’t hold so tightly on to the plans that I make for myself.  I tend to get frantic when big plans of mine change, however each time God put a twist in my path it is always for the better.
  2. I realized (which I wish I would have realized sooner) that chocolate really can be the answer to any problem!  Professor surprised you with a really big assignment on Tuesday and it’s due next class on Thursday?  Chocolate can fix that!

Michael Buss, freshman

  1. Communicating the gospel clearly and effectively is the most important thing that I can do with my life. That is why I have chosen to be a communications major.
  2. Sleep is underrated. At the beginning of the year I didn’t care too much about sleep and I would stay up late late late consecutive nights in a row. That was dumb. There are nights where staying up late is just the best, but all in moderation.

Hans Coburn, junior

  1. I need more sleep than I give myself.
  2. I can now grow a mustache.

Kristyn Dodge, sophomore

  1. I have learned that as a woman going into ministry, I have to stand up for myself and others who also have a stacked deck against them. I believe strongly in theological diversity as well as racial and gender diversity. I’m also not afraid to ask the tough and brutal questions and I have recently learned that I’m not the only one on campus that believes in those things.
  2. I have also learned that Smith Family Books and Alder Street Fishing Co. are both detrimental to my wallet. I love going to both as often as I can. Fish and chips and Books…. love it!

Chelsea King, junior

  1. This year I learned that I don’t have it all figured out. Life is much more complicated and mysterious than I’ve been willing to admit.
  2. Being a kid again is the best way to overcome confusing and stressful situations. Playing silly games and acting like a child brings my heart so much joy.

Marina Irish, sophomore

  1. Excuses are the only thing holding me back from a deeper relationship with God. When I deliberately make Him the focus of my life, I never have to “find” time for Him. Instead, I find myself seeking His presence daily.
  2. Sleep can actually exist in the life of a college student! (No really, it’s true!)

Lindsey Quigley, freshman

  1. Though I will always love my parents dearly, I appreciate the independence that I am discovering by not being with them 24/7.
  2. The right kind of friends will challenge you to try new things (even if it’s simply a new show on Netflix), but will also respect your differences. They will get you to look at ideas from different angles and will appreciate it if you do the same.

Rebekah Rossberg, senior

  1. I’m very thankful the past can’t be changed. It’s set in stone, the good and the bad. This is really comforting to me as graduation approaches. No matter what happens next, I had these experiences and friendships, and they can’t be lost.
  2. I’m okay with wearing pants.

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