Bash-Whisler 2015



On Friday, February 20th, 2015 NCU staff, faculty and students filled the Chapel to experience a time honored NCU tradition, the Bash-Whisler Bible Reading Competition.

Each contestant in the Bash-Whisler contest selects two passages of Scripture, one from the Old Testament, to be read aloud, and the other from the New Testament, to be recited from memory. Each passage has to be at least 12 consecutive verses in length. The passages are chosen by each participant, and are relevant and significant to the speaker’s hearts. In the competition, these passages are brought to life through the speaker who expressively presents their chosen Scripture.

This year’s finalists were Isaac O’Casey, Delia Shay Evans, and Sierra McClain. Isaac’s chosen passages were Job 7:1-21 NIV 84 and Romans 8:18-39 NIV 84. Delia’s chosen passages were Genesis 2:1-15, HCSB   and Revelation 21:9 – 22:5, HCSB. Sierra’s chosen passages were Isaiah 41:9-20, NIV and Philippians 2:1-18, NASB.

Like every year in the past, Bash-Whisler was an exciting and memorable experience. G.K. Bash-Griffith, Ron Whisler, and other members of the families after whom the competition was named were present, along with former champion Kelsay Gardipey.

Each contestant’s performance was wonderfully articulated and Christ-centered. The staff, faculty, and students could feel God’s presence in the room.

The audience was at the edge of their seats, whispering to each other as they waited to hear the final results of who would win the Bash-Whisler Bible Reading Competition.

In a unanimous vote by all judges for all three places, Isaac, Delia, and Sierra were honored for their presentations with Isaac taking first, Delia taking second and Sierra taking third place.

After the announcement of the winners, each finalist was asked to give their experience on Bash-Whisler. Each contestant urged other students to enter the competition next year, and gave personal insight to their experiences.

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