Lent in Review

This year I decided to take part in something I had never done before, Lent. I was a little apprehensive because it was not something my family had ever partaken in, but I realized it is not just a theological activity, but also more an experience between oneself and God. If you did not read my article, Give it Up Already, then you may not know that for the last forty days I have not been wearing makeup as a way to truly find my identity in God, and not what others think of me.

Lent has a way of opening our eyes to the truth, and to see God more. Chelsea King, a fellow Lent participant, gave up social media and says “I gave up all social media’s for Lent and I’m actually still going even though Lent is over. I have really enjoyed not being glued to my phone. I don’t check it nearly as much. I don’t feel the pressure to download those apps again and if eventually I do, then I am not going to check them every day like I used to.” Lent is an opportunity to recognize just how much time is spent distracted by trivial issues, such as social media updates. Chelsea then says that she has found a better way to spend her time that she can thoroughly enjoy, “A lot of the time I used to spend checking Instagram before bed I now use to read the Bible or other important things.”

The fact that I felt ashamed when I didn’t have some black gunk on my eyelashes is a sad truth that many younger ladies feel. I was insecure with the way that I looked and thought that makeup was my answer, when in reality it should be Jesus. Taking the time to force myself out of the habit of putting makeup on to please others was tricky. I now realize that it is something I need to do for myself.

Lent is a way to devote yourself to God, and prioritize your life. I challenge and encourage all of you to think about what is taking over your life and causing you to have unhealthy habits or thoughts, and give it up next year. You may find yourself, or find some time to spend with your Heavenly Father!

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