Maple Bars, Milk and Discussion


There were donuts, students, faculty, and as you might have guessed discussion, on April 7, 2015 as NCU held the biannual event, Donuts and Discussion. Students had a few weeks to submit questions in small boxes placed across campus, which would be asked to the panel. This semester the panel had an array of expertise included, Joe Womack, Michael Fuller, Greg Brock, Gene De Young, and Dennis Lindsay.

The topic of housing seemed to interest the students as questions continued to pop up throughout the night.  One very common question stirring around campus is, “Why are students required to live on campus until they are 21?” Greg Brock promptly explained that NCU’s housing policies designed to create a community and holistic education, which other universities around cannot provide. He explained that there is a lot of research and statistics that show how overwhelmingly positive on-campus living can be for a student and said, “whether it’s their physical health, emotional development, interpersonal development and even just academic performance.”

New housing options are being sought after and in two weeks NCU will have a final decision on a potential housing opportunity. Students also had major concerns about why the housing costs were being raised and the general answer was that cost of living has increased. The increase caused the dorms price to raise, but the Department of Residence Life residence department decided instead to subtract five meals from their plans instead of raising the apartment cost, because of food related expenses.

An interesting question was raised about faith statements as a requirement for acceptance, prompting, “Why are students not required to complete a faith statement sheet when applying like at other similar Christian universities?” President Womack identified that NCU practices the traditions established upon its opening, like, “No creed, but Christ,” and that to study at NCU, applicants are not required to be Christian. He later stated, “Make decisions now that build your character, which you are going to need when life gets hard. It just gets harder, you just add responsibilities,” when speaking of college students and mistakes that many make along their paths to adulthood.

The panel members were asked about what they learned from their college experience and what we should know now as students. Michael Fuller said that he wished he would have taken advantage of all of the opportunities to get involved, attending more athletic competitions or school events. Greg Brock responded with “#yolo, basically all he is trying to say,” and the banquet room stirred with embarrassed, awkward laughter as he then responded, “I apologize on behalf of all humanity.” Greg did have some serious advice about insecurities when he told students, “The fear of failure kept me from engaging and made me miss out on a lot of opportunities. Insecurity is not something that should dictate your life.”

Overall the discussion was light, but interesting and educational, and I hope that next school year you get a chance to come to the donuts and discussion events that happen twice a year.  Thank you to ASNCU for hosting this event, to all the students who came and asked questions, and to the panel!

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