Meet Suran: Daring Adventurer and International Student

Junior, Suran Cha is an international student from South Korea. She comes from a family of four, with just her parents and younger sister. She is pursuing a major in English Language and Literature. When asked if she wanted to teach English she said, quite humorously, “I never want to teach. I want to work in an office where I don’t have to deal with people.”

Her favorite thing to do in her free time is the same here as it was in Korea. She loves to go on adventures, taking walks and going to new places, as well as hanging out with friends. Here she really loves walking alongside the Willamette River.

The hardest thing for Suran to adjust to has been dorm life. At home she has always lived with her family. Now she has to share her space constantly, which was new and strange to her. The shared hallways and especially the shared bathrooms, were a major adjustment.

In terms of food, she appreciates that cafeteria food is available, yet does not always like it. She strongly dislikes the fried food, but her favorite food from the cafeteria is lasagna. She has found a few places around town that serve Japanese or Thai food, and really enjoys going there and eating some familiar foods. The thing she most looks forward to about being home is eating food she likes.

Suran says that the weather is totally opposite in South Korea, in terms of humidity. The summer months are very warm, but also very humid with lots of rain. Whereas, the rest of the year is dry, but cold. It is strange to her that we have cold and rain together.

Suran has been adjusting since she got here right around Orientation time. She has been here for about six months.  Although she is excited to go home, she doesn’t want to leave. She still has another two months, so let’s help her make the most of that time. Go on an adventure with her to the river, get to know her, and hear stories about South Korea or even stories about our own country, seen through a different perspective. You won’t regret it!

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