Take a Hike!

Oregon natives are spoiled by the beauty that surrounds them. NCU is very fortunate in its location, being surrounded by a multitude of amazing outdoor opportunities, including hiking. Students have a chance every weekend to go out and explore God’s beautiful creation, and embrace our surroundings. Here are two of NCU’S favorite places to explore! So get out there!

  1. Spencer’s Butte

Hike through numerous Douglas firs to reach the rocky top of Spencer’s Butte and take in the glorious views of the Willamette Valley below.

Difficulty: Easy

Length: 1-3 hours

Distance: 2.0 miles

IMG_3630 IMG_3631 IMG_3634 IMG_3635

  1. Mount Pisgah

Hike the steep trail that leads to the summit of Mount Pisgah to view a panaramic sight of the southern Willamette Valley.

Difficulty: Easy

Length: 1-3 hours

Distance: 3.5 miles


To find more information on hikes near you I visiting everytrail.com. This site provides a detailed description of the hike, how to get there, and useful tips from fellow hikers about the trail.

Here is a link to all the listed hikes in Eugene: http://www.everytrail.com/best/hiking-eugene-oregon

Photos by: Josh Higashi, Olivia Cordes, Samara Eilert, Madi Novelli, Taylour Backus

Cover Photo by: Sydney Rothenbush

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