Dear Future Husband

This week I am going to do something very personal. Whether you are single or dating someone now, I encourage you to write a letter to your future spouse. This little exercise can focus the hopeless romantic on what is important in life and a relationship, but it can also stretch the dreams of the narrow-minded go-getter. I am going to include snippets of my letter (saving the really personal things for myself and my future spouse), for you to get some ideas of how you want to lay it out. Whether you give this to the person on your wedding day or a year into your relationship, make it mean something to you.

The inspiration from this came from an amazing Youtuber named Will Darbyshire. I will include the link here:

To My Future Husband,

Well, it’s nice to meet you. If you’re reading this then my family must not have scared you off, always a good thing. I’m sure you are intelligent and a gentleman, my basic standards. By now you know I am very simple, so writing this is hard. I appreciate the little things in a relationship like inside jokes, and understanding each other’s references so I’m sure I forced you to watch the Office, even if you had already seen it, and all my favorite Disney movies. You know the names of my dogs that I have currently and all the ones I plan to have. Your love for God and understanding of what he calls you to do is going to be super attractive; I’m looking forward to that.

I bet you have some pretty cute idiosyncrasies like drumming on the steering wheel while we jam out in the car, or subtle winks after inside jokes. I really pray that your friends and family like me. Hopefully we have done some pretty cool things together like taken a road trip to the Grand Canyon or gone camping off the beaten path. You know you have to push me a little to get me out of my comfort zone, and I appreciate that.

It could be years, weeks, or days, until we meet; only God knows that. Maybe I have met you, maybe I haven’t, but either way keep an eye out for me.


Raegan White (Your Future Wife)

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