I Don’t Always Make Memes, But When I Do it’s For NCU

From Grumpy Cat, Overly Attached Girlfriend, Trollface, Philosoraptor, and Bad Luck Brian all the way to Alex from Target, memes have grown in popularity. Scrolling through your facebook meme, you are bound to see at least one meme.  The aforementioned meme characters are a few of the more famous ones, though you may know many, many more. The people who start these memes are ingenious. That could be you…

Have you ever wanted to be involved with the Beacon Bolt but just thought, “Ain’t nobody got time for ‘dat!”? If you don’t have time or are not confident in your writing abilities there are other options.  Did you know there is Beacon Bolt meme base? You can be a part of what we do! “I don’t always work for the Beacon Bolt, but when I do I upload memes,” could be your new mantra. It’s simple, really. Take a picture of your friend making a funny face, or something funny happening on campus. Add some funny words and then you have a meme. Share it with everyone and we can build an awesome and unique NCU meme base. There will be two memes posted monthly; however your participation will increase the awesome factor.

A special challenge is to get pictures of staff. Staff would make great memes. Get a picture of Doyle stroking his beard, or President Womack doing something silly. Making memes of our own students and staff would be super cool. I can’t wait to see your submissions. I know there are lots of great ideas out there so get those creative juices flowing! When you are ready and have your picture you can go to either cheezburger.com or memecrunch.com to create the meme. Once completed, email your meme to esanders@nwcu.edu with your name and, if your meme is appropriate, it will appear on the meme base.  Can’t wait to see your submissions!

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