5 “Off Campus” Study Spots

I love Northwest Christian University’s campus, especially its location. The proximity to the University of Oregon definitely makes for a larger population of people in a few mile radius, but it also brings diversity and a variety of opportunities to our campus. Studying can become a drag towards the end of the year; after a semester and a half, I have started to despise spending my time sitting at the same table, in the same chair at the library. I start to lose my focus quicker and anytime I see one of my friends, I distract myself and procrastinate on my work. Personally my solution is to study off campus, or at least off of NCU’s campus. Here are a few great places for you to get away if you’re in need of an oasis. Click on the links for directions and more information.

  1. Caspian Mediterranean Café has a wide variety of food, but also offers a second floor eating area that is often quieter and a perfect escape for studying. They also have amazingly yummy Mediterranean tea that is perfect to sip on while you work on hours of studying.
  2. This may sound strange, but the University of Oregon’s Knight Library is one of my personal favorite places to go and do math homework or type a paper without any distractions, plus its open 24 hours. I know what you’re thinking, “How? I don’t even go there,” when in reality you can use the library freely, in fact you can check out books, by first asking our library’s front desk. I have a very, very slim chance of seeing anyone I know, so I don’t get distracted by my friends or by the general familiarity of NCU.
  3. Another great option is the Eugene Public Library, which offers a small change of scenery being a little farther from NCU’s campus. For studying purposes, it is very large and offers different rooms and spaces for getting work done. It is located right next to the bus station so accessibility is perfect, but to check out books you must purchase a library card.
  4. I hate to admit this, being a Dutch Brothers loving, Oregon girl, but I actually love going to Starbucks to study. It is an especially sacred place if you are looking to study at odd hours, opening at 5:30am for the early birds and closing at 11:00pm for the night owls.
  5. Burrito Boy, a university favorite, may not be as academically stimulating as the local libraries or coffee shops, but is a great alternative study spot for students. It is open all night, is fairly quiet and serves cheap Mexican food for a perfect late night study snack.

If you feel the creeping pressure of the summer and are finding yourself procrastinating try one of these fun, new study spots and see if your study habits improve! I would love to hear about some of your off campus favorites, please feel free to comment below or to shoot me an email at carnesonroberts@nwcu.edu.

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  1. Steve Silver says:

    Appreciate the mention of checking books out from UO–a great resources for our students.
    Regarding Eugene Public Library, I believe if you bring mail or identification with a Eugene address (e.g. the dorms) you can get a library card for free.

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