5 Budgeting Tips

Hello Everyone! Coming back to school in the New Year means implementing my resolutions into a busier lifestyle. I have challenged myself this year with a resolution of budgeting my money and creating a stable savings account. Here are a few helpful tips and tricks I have found and am beginning to try, I hope they can help and inspire you as well!

Personal Budgets are Imperative

The first step to saving money is to create a personal budget. You must keep track of your spending and realize where most of your money is being spent. Once you understand your personal spending, you will know which areas to begin to limit and cut out of your budget. This amazing blog post lists very important steps to take when creating a budget!


Half is Half

My mother is the crazy woman who taught me this vital tip, when receiving any sort of check or amount of income, immediately put half of it into your savings. By learning to live on a small budget and having some money to fall back on, you can eliminate a lot of stress later on in life. Taking this step seriously in college, will make paying back student loans after graduation easier.

Stow away the Fives

Another way to build your savings is the quick and easy step of taking every five-dollar bill that comes into your possession and putting it into a Mason jar or piggy bank. If you are a person who frequently uses cash, then this will help you build a savings in a simple way. In the blog post attached below, a lady saved 200 dollars in just four months. Who knew that fives had such power?


It just makes Cents

A common but underestimated savings trick is to keep all of your change. Grab a pickle jar, DIY the crap out of it, put the beauty into an everyday location, and load it up with the loose change throughout the day. After awhile, that change can be used to fund a splurge day, so that your everyday budget isn’t harmed.

Free for All

Finding fun and free ways to spend your time can cut your daily costs substantially. In Eugene there is so much to do such as the Saturday Market, attending art galleries, and hiking in the beautiful land that surrounds us. Find a passion that you can afford. Below is a link to a helpful website that lists some of the best hiking trails around Eugene.


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