Academic Creativity and Excellence

ACE (Academic Creativity and Excellence) Day was on Wednesday December 3rd, 2014. Students had various reasons for completing an ACE Day presentation or poster including class assignments, projects, senior capstone and honor program projects. There were 94 students who took part in 115 events. Yes, you read that right. There were sixteen students who did two events, three students who did three events and one miraculous student who did four events. Hannah Roddy created two posters and was on two panels.

History was made by Sophomore, Marina Irish, who for the first time ever in ACE Day history (in six years), obtained not only the top place poster, but also had a perfect score from all the judges. She completed the poster for her PHL 210 class and was poster #16, titled “Ethics in Accounting: Satyam.” She exhibited complete knowledge of her topic along with displaying one of the most beautiful poster presentations I have ever seen.


In second place was “Interpersonal Attraction,” poster #10 created by Senior Adelayde Hoskins and Senior Timothy Werth from COMM 413. While Senior Tianna Bushman and Junior Candace Rodgers with poster #5, “Perceived Empathy through Eye Contact,” from COMM 430 was awarded third place.

Addy's poster

Tim Bergquist said in response to the continuing excellence of ACE Day posters and presentations, “Comments I have received from several people indicate that the quality of the posters keeps getting better and better. Both the morning and afternoon sessions were very busy and lively.” Congratulations to all ACE Day participants!

Here are links to the student guidelines and poster evaluation form, that student’s participating in ACE Day used to create their posters or presentations.






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