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Last week’s article was a review of the Donuts and Discussion event hosted by ASNCU, this week the Beacon Bolt was interested in hearing the students’ response to what had been discussed. The students had a lot to say in response to the event, many were very involved with follow up questions, relevant conversation, and input.

When asked if the event was a success, all of the students who were interviewed responded very positively. Sherry Reeder said that there were a variety of people who stayed for the whole event, which benefited the group by creating a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere.

Not only were students engaged, they were able to ask questions beyond those that were provided. Lily Wanous submitted a question that was not initially addressed, but she was still able to voice the issue herself. She was able to directly ask Greg Brock about the guidelines for proper attire when walking to and from the showers, and immediately received feedback from him. Greg’s response was that appropriate attire is to be fully clothed and covered, and that the Resident Assistants would pay more attention to enforcing this specific policy.

Steven Ray did understand when questions were not fully satisfied. He believed that the panel handled the questions to the best of their abilities given the amount of time they had. Staff members were also willing to address some of the issues later and get back to the student with more information. As with most discussions, there were some questions better suited for a more private setting, agreed Lily Wanous and Sherry Reeder.

Each student interviewed was pleased with the outcome, and provided advice that should be considered by the ASNCU members involved in the organization of this event. Both Lily Wanous and Steven Ray said that questions asked should be more specific. Providing examples with the questions and adding discussion categories would make a more focused discourse. Sherry Reeder had advice to those who would attend the event in the future; she said to not be afraid to ask questions and voice your opinions. This event is to help students understand different items relevant to campus, and if a question is not asked, then that issue cannot be acknowledged. She also said greater attendance would bring more diverse questions.

The students interviewed expressed satisfaction from the discussion. With Sherry’s suggestions, perhaps next year’s Donuts and Discussion could be a better outlet for students.

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  1. Sherry Reeder says:

    Thanks for being so involved in our events Becon Bolt staff! You write great responses for us! Thanks for your Insight!

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