Overview of Donuts and Discussion

What happens when you put Joe Womack, Michael Fuller, Corey Anderson, Greg Brock, Gene De Young, and Elyse Crichton on a panel together? You end up with some great laughs and interesting dialogue. On October 28th, ASNCU had students ask the panel various questions about campus to get instant answers. There were questions ranging from the infamous one ply toilet paper to the idea of what it is to be a Christian. The discussion created a wonderful bond between staff and students, by breaking the awkward barrier that normally prevents students from asking various questions.

To my surprise, students were really curious about bathroom supplies. Just a few include: why are there no urinals in the men’s bathrooms, why does the school buy one ply toilet paper, and why are there no paper towels in the bathrooms? As you can obviously tell these are very serious issues, with very serious answers. The response to the paper towels and one ply toilet paper fiasco was that the school is finding every possible way to save money. An astounding fact brought up during this discussion was that the school has a million dollar deficit between its budget and expected income. The wonderful people working at our school focus on gaining donators, and are saving money and time by providing only the necessities.

The issue of housing for next year stirred students’ interest. Students discovered that Northwest Christian University is investigating a couple different resources, trying to find alternative housing to combat our capacity issue. It was announced that NCU put in an offer for a building close to campus; however, the offer was denied. This does not stop the hunt, and could possibly open new doors for exciting opportunities in the future. It was discussed to possibly rent an entire floor in the Alder street apartment complex, and eventually in the very distant future the entire building.

All bathroom questions aside, there were plenty of thoughtful questions raised during the discussion. Was the event a success—did students feel their questions were satisfied? You will hear the students’ perspective next Monday!

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