Thank Someone

I imagine your life has gotten a little bit busy as the school year comes to an end. With everything you have left to finish, you probably aren’t looking for another assignment, but I’m giving you one anyway. It shouldn’t be too difficult and it won’t take very. Best of all, it will be good for everyone involved.

Look back over the year and think of everyone who has helped you along the way. Try to think of people who maybe aren’t as obvious, like the cook that always makes your omelet perfectly, or your favorite barista, or Ofelia for always keeping the floors shiny. But don’t get me wrong; professors should be on this list, too. Especially the one you go to for life advice. Or maybe you go to Career Development for that. Add them to the list. Has the music in Chapel ever encouraged you in the middle of a tough week? Add everyone on the worship team.

Now, obviously I can’t give you a comprehensive guide to everyone who might have possibly made your year a little bit better. These are just a few suggestions to get you started. Take a few minutes to think about it…

Now that you’ve made your list, go find everyone on it and thank them. No excuses. Don’t say “they won’t even know what I’m thanking them for.” Or “they were just doing their job.” Or “I signed a poster last month; that’s good enough.” You made the list. You know how these people have impacted you. Take a moment to let them know you appreciate it.

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